The ultimate app for today’s makeup artist

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Face Chart Pro is a mobile digital app that will allow Makeup Artists to create amazing client-presentable Face Charts, using an iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Designed and created by renowned Makeup Artist and Global Beauty Educator, Youtube and Social Media beauty Guru, KOREN ZANDER of EnKore Makeup fame, Face Chart PRO is a must-have tool for the working makeup artist.

Traditionally, artists uses textured paper with a silhouette of a face, and then actual makeup products are applied directly on paper. The problem with this method is that artists usually have to start over when they make mistakes, cannot undo what's already been laid on paper, and ultimately waste paper.

The Face Chart Pro app is an innovative way to remove all of these problems and more!

Furthermore, this app is not just for PROs but also fun to doodle with for makeup enthusiasts.

The Face Chart Pro app is going to be an extremely useful tool for the industry, and your clients, friends, and colleagues will be truly impressed as you designed a look for them, on the spot, in a matter of minutes. You will find that getting your client involved in the design process on-the-spot makes it fun for them, and will definitely reflect a super professional impression on you as an artist.